EBSCOhost Integration Toolkit


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Finds and returns the set of clusters that would be returned by the given search.

To test the operation using the HTTP GET protocol, click the 'Invoke' button.

Parameter Value Default Value Notes
  • Required Field if using Profile Authentication
  • Required Field if using Profile Authentication
authType: profile
  • Indicates if using IP Authentication or Profile Authentication. Valid values are: (ip, profile)
  • Required Field if using IP Authentication
  • term to be searched on.
  • Required Field
db:(Values Separated By Commas)
  • One or more short database names to search. When used with a Non-Discovery Service Profile, this field is required.When used with a Discovery Service profile, this parameter is ignored, and all databases available to that profile are used.

The following is a sample HTTP GET response.

   <ClusterCategory ID="xs:string"  Tag="xs:string" >