EBSCOhost Integration Toolkit


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The Search method takes the ISBN provided, grabs information about that book, and uses it to select other titles that are similar.

To test the operation using the HTTP GET protocol, click the 'Invoke' button.

Parameter Value Default Value Notes
  • Required Field if using Profile Authentication
  • Required Field if using Profile Authentication
authType: profile
  • Indicates if using IP Authentication or Profile Authentication. Valid values are: (ip, profile)
  • Required Field if using IP Authentication
  • ISBN to be used for the search. Example: 9780060175405
  • Required Field
numrecs: 10
  • Number of record for the result set returned from a search.
  • Greater than 0

The following is a sample HTTP GET response.

            <records type="SimilarTitles"> <!-- N-number of record elements, one per similar book returned from the request -->
                      <isbnList>  <!-- N-number of isbn elements, one per isbn for this record>
                      <dbUsed/> <!-- Identifies the data source this record was found>
                      <WhySuggested reason="A short sentence about why this matched."/>